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I can’t afford the flight test power pack c so do you have any Suggestions for cheaper alternatives that include everything that is needed for the Corsair.


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You can buy all the components a bit at a time. Where are you? Hobbyking have lots of stuff and eBay can be good for small items.
You need-
2218x1100kv motor or close to, don’t go over on KV
4x9g servos
Y lead
Servo extensions
35-40A esc
10x4.5 APC prop
Linkage stoppers.
Unless you are a ninja bargain hunter the most you can save off the FT price in the US is about $20, depending on postage.

You can build the plane with just the servos and a simple servo tool, so you can centre the servos as you put them in. You will need the Y lead and servo extensions as well. Then you can add the motor, ESC and final bits later.
Or just wait a bit longer and save up the money.
Im from England so I would have to pay for shipping which adds an extra 20 pounds so that also means I won’t be able to get foam board so are there any other shops that sell cheap foam board


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I agree with @FDS. The larger savings will be in the Tx and flight batteries.
If you don’t mind the wait HobbyKing Banggood and eBay offer good savings. For me the wait for shipping is 3-4 weeks


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Theres options on the power packs.
Model Shop Leeds do this, which is like Power Pack C but without the Graupner tax. They also have linkage stoppers.
Otherwise go to Hobbyking, use google to search as their site search is awful, so for example you would search “Hobbyking 30A ESC” in google if you wanted that.
Hobbyking rules for UK-
  • Don’t buy from International or US warehouses. Only buy from EU or UK
  • Never buy anything on back order, it takes ages.
  • Buy all your lipo in one order, as it has to go courier but you can get a ton of packs for the same post price as a single.
If you are using UK foamboard be aware it is NOT AT ALL like the stuff FT use. It will not bend like the FT stuff and it’s about 40% heavier than FT board. You cannot get an equivalent here, you need the FT board itself if you want to make a master series model, as you can’t roll bend EU board.
You can make most larger FT designs out of our board, you just need to take the weight into account, so the nose often has to be lengthened or you use a bigger battery and motor to get the balance right, since the tail often comes out heavy.
If you build minis use 3mm UK board instead, it will end up similar weight to FT stuff out of that. Minis need to be close to FT build weight or they fly like bricks.
Lots of UK model shops sell FT speedbuild kits and FT foam, nearly everything is out of stock at present, all across Europe. I have no idea why this is but I blame Graupner who are the EU distributor. They sell it all to model shops.