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Hey from NC!

I'm new to forum but been a huge fan since 2017. I've yet to fly an RC plane but have a few fpv quadcopters I enjoy.

I am wanting a proper Flite Test build but waiting till I have the funds for a decent set of electronics.
I guess I could always buy a couple servos and use an old ppm rx and employ a couple of 1406 quad motors I have into something but my hope for a first fuselage plane is a larger fpv plane built from a Flte Test speed build kit with FC and gps set up for mid range(1-2mile) flights.

I live in very rural central NC. The Tabernacle community in between Thomasville, High Point and Asheboro doesn't offer much as far as fpv fellowship so the Interwebs is where I hang out a lot.

I enjoy learning about aviation and it's history in all forms. Guess that's why Flitetest is my favourite entertainment on YouTube