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Hey, Looking for some advice as I get back into the hobby!


Junior Member
My name is Jyota and after a good 8 years I finally got back into R/C airplanes. Got a DX8 controller and a Mig 15, (I know they're a bit advanced). My question is on how to trim them before flight. I don't want to get it out there and in the first 5 seconds it spiral into the ground.. Anyway way I can trim it before had to make sure I don't destroy it? When I was a lot younger I had a P-51 and it was under powered and the trim was wrong which made it spin into the ground snapping the wing and the prop. Why I got such advanced gear is due to the amount of time I spend on Flight sims, as well as the long term goal to get a su-34 with 360 degree vectoring and control mixing etc. So if someone could tell me everything I need to know about prepping the plane etc, I read the manual and all that but maybe some little hints to succeed it would be much appreciated! thank you!


In my opinion, your best course of action is to do the following:

1. Make sure the center of gravity is in the recommended position or slightly forward. DO NOT fly with the cg rear of the recommended position!

2. Neutralize all control surfaces mechanically by plugging in all the servos and battery. Center your trim position with the TX trim switches if they are not already centered. If surfaces are not neutral, first remove the servo arm screw, pull off the arm and place it back on the servo as close to neutral to possible. Then, adjust the clevis or whatever connector you have connecting the control rod to the control horn so the control surface is centered.

3. Check your control throws to see if they seem to have an equal amount of travel in each direction.

4. Fly. Once in the air, you can use the TX trim switches to get it flying how you like.

That's what I do, anyway.