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Hi everybody

Hi gents ;)

I'm a 40 years old automotive engineer from Italy,
I've always been involved in RC models (mainly 1:10 scale E-cars) but I was constantly attracted by RC copters and quads.
after few attempts with low cost drones I've decided to step back and somehow build my flying skills in a "proper way"

long story short, since a couple of months I've decided to train my quadcopter skills only with simulators (velocidrone & RF8) and, in the meantime, I've bought all the necessary stuff required to assemble and set up foamboard planes to "feed" my hunger for "real" flight experience.

up to now I've buit (And smashed) a Mini Mustang, I've collected some hours of flight with a mini trainer (still intact up to today ;) ) and I am building a mini Sportster and a Bloody Baron in which I would like to install an FPV camera.

The final goal is to build my own 3D printed drone and happly smash it in the crop field I've got in front of my house. (already filled of wrecked foamboard planes :) )

that's all,

I am glad to join this community and I want you to know you have set up a great community and you are running an amazing site full of a lot of useful tips and project for people like me who do not have the time / possibility (anymore) to join an RC aeroclub or something.