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Hi from Austin, TX!

Hey everybody,

I am Alex, I am 29 years old, and I recently moved to Austin, TX with my wife for work (I am an engineer at HP). I am glad to join this community so I can learn more everyday about this awesome hobby! I started flying when I was 10 years old but stopped for manny years until 2011 when I started flying electric planes (and now starting with tricopters).

If anyone in the area is interested in meeting and flying with me, I would be glad to have a fly buddy. I found a neat spot north of the city. BTW, I am member of AMA but I haven't joined any rc club. I was thinking about it so I can meet people that love this hobby but I haven't decided yet.

Cheers everyone,


Senior Member
Hi Alex and welcome!
No worries on the Say Hi thread :)

On your buddy flying request: I could use a buddy as well, but since we are a few thousand miles apart, I have to pass on that one :)
I'm sure there are plenty of members closer by ..., but welcome to the FT forums

Kind regards,