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Hi from Yorkshire, UK


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Hi there,
I'm Caroline, getting back into aero-modelling after too many years doing those dull adult things like bringing up family, getting divorced and moving halfway up a country.
So here I am, living in a beautiful part of the country and thinking I need a good reason to get out more and enjoy it.
I taught myself to fly using a Multiplex Easystar and Pico Cub (brushed motors), then built a GWS Spitfire (brushed motor) and Mustang (Brushless - it was a new fangled thing then lol!)
Then it all stopped and things got pushed aside

Now I'm back and loving it so far.
Building a tricopter (RCExplorer inspired all 3D printer bits + carbon fibre tubes)
Own a couple of those cheap fan quadcopters JJRC H36 and a JJRC E011 to get my hand in so hopefully I don't crash the tricopter on its maiden :D
Now buying some foamboard locally and going to build a mighty mini Mustang.



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The Mini-Mustang is a rocket. Tough as well. I cartwheeled mine with hardly any damage. Careful with the weight of the foamboard however.

Good luck and happy to see you here!
welcome to Flite Test :)

One of my first motorized planes was a Easystar, before that some selfbuilt balsa rc-gliders, good fun. Then i wanted to start doing aerobatics and fly faster, got myself a Hype Funtastic (built by Reely now as the Wild Hawk) and kept going from there.

This summer i get to maiden my 172cm beaver and the VTOL convergence and starting FPV flights, looking forward to that.

Seems like quite a step from a Easystar to a Spitfire, how did that work out? Wasnt it a bit sketchy to fly? did the spit have retracts? Pics/vids?

Def will be going for a Mustang or a Spit sometime.

Have a good one.


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It was a GWS foamy parkflyer spit, with the geared 350 motor it was a fairly docile thing. I learned a lot about 4 channel with it. The Mustang was a beast in comparison an I totalled the first one I built on its maiden. The second one I added all the ideas that I had with the original build.
Sadly, I can't find any pictures or videos :(


Slow, low and dirty.
The second one I added all the ideas that I had with the original build.
Sadly, I can't find any pictures or videos :(
Too bad. I think this community is pretty likely to evolve in their design and thinking pretty quickly due to the ease of construction. I build my first Simple Cub (Thing One) and had the second (Thing Two) on the workshop table by the 4th flight. I think the first has a couple more big crashes left and if the wing is still solid, it will become my leading edge slats, slotted flaps experiment wing.