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  1. Wingman04

    Mustang or Hornet?

    I have been wanting to get a scale warbird for a while now. Now I have the option to either get a Force RC 1.1m Mustang, or a Force RC F-18. My problem is that my landing strip is less than ideal. Between the dirtbikes and tractors, my yard is really rough by most lawn standards. I am afraid...
  2. kilroy07

    Part Scale"ish" P-51 Mustang Exhaust 1.0

    The Mustang is by far and wide my favorite airplane. I wanted to add some details to one of my Flite Test builds for Flite Fest Ohio (2018) and came up with these. Slow down your prints a bit as the pipes can be tricky to print. I have a .3 nozzle and set it for .1 layer height. Infill and...
  3. IMG_1561.jpg


    P-51D Mustang
  4. CarolineTyler

    Hi from Yorkshire, UK

    Hi there, I'm Caroline, getting back into aero-modelling after too many years doing those dull adult things like bringing up family, getting divorced and moving halfway up a country. So here I am, living in a beautiful part of the country and thinking I need a good reason to get out more and...
  5. Archimedian

    Scratch P-51 with scratch retracts and scratch shock absorbers

    All up weight- 405 grams Wingspan- 36 inches This will be brief. Please leave any questions, tips, or builds of your own in the comments. Most of the wing construction i will skip. It is a standard D tube wing. The ribs were made using the "sandwich between plywood ribs" method. It was...
  6. K

    P-51 Mustang? help needed

    This plane came with a brushed motor I want to put a brushless motor in it. Plane has a 30" wing span and a 8.5x6 prop im new to the hobby need some recommendations on what motor to go with not looking for something to fast.
  7. hbb3367

    Flite Test Store

    I have always been satisfied with the Flite Test Store. Customer Service by Jim and Jen and Team could only be applauded. But Really, now you can ship the same day as the order is received? You guys are the bomb. Thanks for the obvious efforts on continuous improvement. Jack in Texas BTW...
  8. P

    FT BF109

    Hi, We have the FT Mustang and FT Spitfire, how about a FT Messerschmitt BF109 to round it out? I imagine you could use the mustang wing and the spitfire body and with a few modifications come close to the BF109's look. Maybe once I have scratch built the spitfire and mustang I can give the...
  9. R

    Help with Mighty Mini Mustang!

    Hello, I was just starting this awesome hobby. I have built the mighty mini trainer and mighty mini speedster and flown them. However I want to build a better looking airplane that still flies on 3 channels. I was wondering if the Mighty mini Mustang is able to fly without the ailerons, so I...
  10. N

    The wings on my Mustang are curling

    I'm on my second Mustang. On the first, I didn't use the landing gear and chose to belly land it. The plane dipped slightly as it was doing it's final stall near the ground and the wings started to curl down at the tips (about the last two inches) with repeated hits. On the second, I decided...
  11. M

    FT Mustang "Miss America" with retracts

    I wanted to share some pictures of my FT Mustang with retracts. I'm sorry I didn't document the build thoroughly, since adding the retracts took a lot of thought in the execution since they have to be added before the wing is inserted into the fuselage, and I even went as far as adding and...
  12. Andre

    Andre's Durafly P-51D Mustang 1100mm

    Hello my name is Andre and I have a problem. I've not even flown the P-40 and there is another warbird in the hanger. I picked up the Durafly P-51D Mustang 1100mm from Joshua aka willsonman. How could I refuse a decent deal on a used warbird. The goal was to use the FT network to try and ship...
  13. T

    Mustang fail

    I've finished the Nutball, Delta and Flyer builds. I've been getting better at the whole process in general. BUT, epic fail today on the Mustang, which I was trying to do an extra clean job on. Problem is the part where you put the paper on the top, curving it around and gluing the edges. I...
  14. P

    Bigger Motor for FT Mustang or FT Spitfire

    Hi Guys, Im a great fan of the show and now want to start participate in the great community that grew around these awesome Dudes! :D I want to scratchbuild a FT Mustang and a FT Spitfire. Are these Motors too big for that plane? Flyzone F4U Motor (35-36-920kV) with 40A ESC Parkzone 15 BL...
  15. Z

    Mustang Elevator Issue

    I have an issue with my swappable Mustang's elevator. When the servo pushes up or down, only the side attached to the servo really does any moving. The other half lags behind considerably. Has anyone come up with a really good solution for this? I tried to put a barbecue skewer through the...
  16. B

    FT Spitfire and Mustang - motor question

    Hi! I'm new to the hobby and been flying a FT Spitfire and now a FT Mustang. Both seem just a bit underpowered with the NTM 2826 1200kv motor... Running a 3s 2200mah and 9x6E prop. I really want a little more punch so I want to upgrade but I don't have a idea what to look for. I've come across...
  17. C

    Parkzone P51-D Mustang

    I just bought the new P51-d Mustang ultra micro plane as my first RC plane. I've only put two batteries through it but I love the little thing, it does very good. I normally fly an Axe100CP so i do have a flying base, but not on planes. Anyone got any thoughts on this ultra micro? the goods...
  18. James Dougal

    parkzone p-51d Mustang bl

    hey guys either a review (theres hundreds out there tho) or why not just show people how to mod this amazing plane like how to change the set up of different motors esc and batts or how to install the flap mod or retractable landing gear or even nav lights ? or anything else you guys can think...
  19. fliteadmin

    BTS - Hangar 9 P-51 Mustang PTS RTF - REVIEW

    We shot the air to air footage of the Hangar 9 P-51 Mustang yesterday. Beautiful!