Hi, new to this forum (need a pinout for a fc from a stack)


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Does anyone here know useful sites for finding such information?

I was actually writing a whole post here describing my problem and situation, but I just noticed that it was my fc which isn't working.
I was trying to power the fc(stackable omnibus f4 fc) from the magnum f4 stack(sold in emax hawk5) seperately on a different build and it just wouldnt work.
But when I powered it via usb, the LED on the rx(still soldered on top of the fc) went on, while none of the LEDs on the fc went on. So I guess it's just broken, right?

Even though I'd still like to confirm or deny the pinout assumptions I made. And I noticed how google was just trying to sell me stuff, instead of showing me the information I wanted, or whether it's even available.

Do you guys and gals have any tricks when researching stuff?

PS: I love when it gets really technical.