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HKing FlyCAT Radar gun runs!

L Edge

Elite member
Orginal plane was the Bobcat. Not only flies fast, it can handle winds very nicely.

My version I designed is for a trainer for EDF's. Also, it is designed(structurily) to add on landing gear so a pilot can practice takeoffs and landing. Add the stabilizers that I designed and it is one very slow EDF that has a very high angle of attack without wing wobble. You will be able to fly in high winds when it grounds the other pilots.
Change to a prop driven with landing gear and guarentee you will STOL it easily.

Need to take videos of this before I show how to make this one. Then I will add stabilizers to it and video that to show it's advantages.
I use a cheap 64, can adapt to a 70mmEDF for training and then use it to go fast.


What plane do you cut out that has 5 pieces? (2 booms, 1 wing, 1 elevator and 1 vertical fuse). Have video showing 2 takeoffs before the end of runway. Nice slow trainer due to it being extremely light..