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Hobby King fraud?

I have just tried to buy some Lipo's from HK and they have been acting up. By "I" I mean my brother because he owns the account and credit card. When ever we try to check out it says there is an error and the payment failed. We tried 4 times and they all failed. It is not the card because we tried to by at our grocery store after and it worked fine. When we make a payment it says it has failed so the order says unpaid and pending. We click make payment and it takes us to a site where you need to sign up which looks untrustworthy according to this guy who had the same problem as me. http://rctruth.com/index.php?topic=883.0 . I have bought from them before with other problems too. I'm not sure how my friends buy from there without having a glitch but so far it's getting a bad rep from me.


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Hi there, may I suggest using Paypal instead of a credit card? Also, it's not fraud for them to not take your money (or funds from a credit agency as is the case here).

Also, when reading anything on the rctruth forums (that name cracks me up), be sure to wear a tinfoil hat


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Be careful!
Your computer might be hijacked!
Always use a premium antivirus software.
I have never had any problems in 6 years and almost 200 orders from HK.


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Paypal is an intermediary funds transfer service, which protects both buyer and seller for online transactions. They take the money from your credit card and give it to the seller on your behalf. Transactions are insured and made according to a strict set of rules that both buyer and seller have to adhere to. Basically, if you get defrauded, they give you your money back.

They of course make money out of the process, however the seller usually covers the fees associated with Paypal transactions rather than the buyer.

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Agreed, go through PayPal. I tried ordering direct from HK with my credit card once and my bank blocked the transaction because there is so much fraud overseas, and quite a bit in Hong Kong from what they told me. I switched to PayPal and never had a problem since.


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Yup, set up a paypal account. Firstly, I don't want to send my credit card info to china, hong kong, or singapore, which is where most of my parts come from. If there is a problem, are you prepared to call any of these places and get it resolved? PayPal has it's problems, but for buying stuff overseas, it is the way to go.
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Another issue you might have is, certain Credit Card Providers do not allow transactions in certain country's. I had this issue when I first opened my Hobby King Account. If your issue is like mine was then PayPal will not work either through that card either since the charge is still from Hong Kong. You might contact the card provider first to make sure they don't block any purchases from HK.
The cure for my issue was to find a new card provider who allowed HK purchases.



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I concur about Paypal, Years ago,I used it for a purchase from a rinky dink website and a couple of weeks later there was a $200 charge I did not make. I wouldn't even had known it but they hit me with alerts immediately and had the money back within a couple of days. I love the ease and security of Paypal. It also gives you a choice of what account you want to pay it from depending on how many you have.

BTW I also started buying my Dollar Store foam without pulling my wallet since the Dollar store takes Paypal based off a mobile number and pin. Makes me happy.


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I've never had any problems with hobbyking. I have spent easily $1500 over a year and not a single issue. Hobbyking rocks!