FRIA for our Field requested by David Messina


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Good evening, I was CCed on an email from the FAA regarding the FRIA for our field getting approved by the FAA. I did create a form for submission through FTCA but I don't believe it was ever processed. Is David Messina submitting these and if so how will they be managed? I would prefer that our club manage the request so when it expires we can track and renew it as needed if possible. I never finished the process because I was a bit confused.

I am grateful that it has been approved and appreciate it greatly. I am just looking for more info is anyone able to help. I tried reaching out to David via the email on the FAA email and via his Linked In and Facebook but no reply just yet.



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@DaveM is currently managing all FRIA requests for the FTCA. ALL requests to the FAA Must come from the CBO, not the individual fields.


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Gotcha was just trying to check and see if this was based on my previous form submitted. If so that is fine. I don't see anything on the FAA map yet.