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Hobbyking 6CH RC Flight Simulator System


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From what I can tell, it's FMS which is free but the radio controller is what you are really paying for. I got the FMS and it was okay for free, but decided to buy Clearview for $30.00 and used the radio controller I got from BH. If you do not have a sim and need stick time it is better than nothing!!!
Sweet! Thanks for posting! Bonez-does this one have a Stinger on it?
Whoops I did not start the post, Johntra did but I was wondering the same thing I wonder if the Stinger is on it?

Whoops again I just reread this post and then realized you were not thanking me for the post. See I told ya failed English :black_eyed:
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Brian fred carr

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The controllers with this kit are basically a plug and play device and the fms software is free, you will have to go around the houses to install fms if you are running windows vista but you are ok with windows xp ...RC desk pilot is also free but only has two locations to fly but loads of downloads of planes for free and looks far superior to fms
Well I did download FMS and I did have to download this file to get it to work with Windows Vista, provided here so you dont have to search for it, View attachment d3drm.dll.zip extract the dll file and place it in my window system32 folder. For exact instructios on how to do this you can go here


It did not work with my controller that I have with realflight :( and Teach I did not see Stinger either. but like someone already said it is better than no flight sim at all.
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Ohh I did not you could do that? do the settings like you Dual rate mix etc work as well?
Yes, it's a programmable Tx, so you can use custom D/R and Expo. Useful for 3D... I cannot use flaps on any simulator using the switches. Flaperons are obviously not usable since simulators use only one channel for the ailerons.

Custom mixes (between available channels) and throttle hold work on the simulator.