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Hobbyking Graphene


Senior Member
Hello peeps,

I wanted to do some statis thrust testing of the graphene as the flying tests are subjective (they are a lot punchier)

I was listening to Steele on a podcast and he mentioned that they over spec the battery in mAh, that's how they get the higher C rating for the 1300. They are heavier than a normal 1300 but do have 2 sheets of fibreglass on either side, but they are physically bigger as well.
Not going to buy them until they arrive in the EU store. But the 3000mAh 3S 15C looks really interesting for my FT Spit. If it can deliver 15C that is (15*3=45 amps). It will however works perfectly even if they "only" are 10C in real life. Time will tell. They are only 14gr heavier than the 2200 Nanotechs I use. Especially if I can get away with charging them in the field @ 10A (3.4C)
I haven't really tested the Nanotechs @ 10A (4.5C charge) (not sure if they will hold up)