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  1. Sneery

    Choosing/Using a charger (No idea)

    I have a battery, then realized, hey, no way to charge this thing. Looked at some chargers on Amazon, and found something called a parallel charging board (Board Link) for $11. It fits my XT30 battery, but should I go with something else? Also, what the heck is a parallel charging board and how...
  2. E

    Tinyhawk II Freestyle im looking for batteries

    hello, I need help with my quad I would like to know if these batteries would work for the tinyhawk 2 and also if they would perform better. If these don't work can someone suggest me other batteries that would have a long flight time? here are specs and the link for the ones I found 650 mAh 1S...
  3. gourabjit singha

    battery connections

    Hi. Can anyone help me with, what might happens if I connect 2 2200mah 25c 2s lipos to each other in parallel and in series.Will the mah & C rating change?.Can it be called a 4s battery setup? Thank you.
  4. Trains1213_YT

    Monster motor 6s lipo

    Hey guys I was just wondering what battery ft uses for the monster motor on 6s. I want to know because I eventually want to 185% a sea duck, and felt like pricing stuff out.
  5. Matthewdupreez

    Cheap batteries!!!

    Hi guys I'm in a pickle....... So I can't afford proper rc plane batteries.... But I have access to 3.7 v 300mah, batteries they arent lithium iron I think they are lithium polymer. U can find them on aliexpress or banggood pls let me know how I could use them... For a simple FT Cub. Thanks Matthew
  6. M

    Help! NI-MH wont work

    hi i got an old futaba transmitter with a Ni-Mh battery and it is on 8,4 volts. but when i plug it in to the transmitter it only works for a second and then it turns off. i have tried charging it with 200 Ma, 3 volts for a hour but its still the same. Any idea why, and what can i do.
  7. P

    Solved Can I use a transmitter battery for my plane?

    I was wondering if I could solder an XT60 connector to this transmitter battery to use in my plane. If I can, how would I do it, since there's a bunch of connectors? [ Images below of the battery ] VVVV
  8. OGnapkin

    How to charge lipo's at the field

    I have been trying to find a solution to charging my lipos at the field in a quick amount of time. i have used an old 12v lead acid battery but it took almost 3 hours to charge a 4s 3000mah battery. I need something that is fast and will charge many batteries. I was looking at a few options...
  9. X

    In need of 4s 1300 lipo batteries (75c is preferable)

    I am 13 years old and I can't afford to buy any batteries I only have 2 and I would like to have more batteries to fly. It doesn't matter if they are really old and don't work as well as they used to, because flying time is still flying time. EDIT: My email is alotofcatz@gmail.com
  10. ServoCity

    MASSIVE Sale!

    We're celebrating National Robotics Week this week with a MASSIVE Sale Deals Include: 20% OFF ALL Hitec Servos Up to 15% OFF select Futaba servos 65% OFF Extensions 15% OFF Batteries FREE Shipping orders over $50 and TONS more! Visit ServoCity.com!
  11. E

    New member - battery question

    What is the difference between these two batteries from the flitetest store? GPR 800MAH 3S 20C LIPO BATTERY SKU: GPR-800-3s-Battery (XT-30)800MAH 3S 20C LIPO BATTERY SKU: 3slipo800 The 3slipo800 is the recommended battery for the tiny trainer, but will the GPR battery work just as well...
  12. W

    Lipo Battery Questions

    Hey folks! I am having mega trouble understanding what battery type will work the best...ie what C rating I will need to use.....I am thinking of buying this motor and esc.... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00XBZWIHE/ref=ox_sc_act_title_3?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=AF5VK40LEGWAH Hobbymate...
  13. Fuzzy Whumpkin

    The FT Flyer is Highly Questionable!!!

    Hey Y'all, Working on my first RC build :applause: Progress: motor, props, tx/rx, and batteries are all in, waiting on an ESC from china. I got bored this weekend and bought 2 sheets of foamboard, and was surprised to get an FT FLYER and a NUTBALL out of 2 sheets!! BUT, I have a problem...
  14. R

    Life vs Lipo Batteries

    Hello, So this is second post. First post I wrote was in introduction and I included some suggestions, I am going to mirror them here seeing as this is correct forum spot for it: I would like to know a lot more about LiFE batteries. Here are some questions you can answer for it. Why are...
  15. J

    How fast can I charge these batteries? (NIMH)

    I have 2 NIMH batteries, a 2000Mah and a 3800Mah, and I've been charging them at 2 amps because I wasn't sure how to charge them. They are redcat racing brand and do not have a 'c' rating for charging, only that they're 7.2V and the capacity. I am using a radient primal as a charger with...
  16. C

    Bushwhacker First Build

    I was curious, what is the biggest (reasonable) battery that i could put in the bushwhacker, and about how much flight time would i get out of it? Thanks
  17. N

    Hobbyking Graphene

    I assume some of you fine folks have seen them on the hobbyking daily, instagram, facebook, vision-from-above. Anyway, I have been flying the 1500 4s multistar and although they are good, they are damn heavy on my already heavy MXP230 so I went ahead and ordered 3 of the 1300 4s Graphene...
  18. R

    Changing Batteries Without the Help of Human Hands

    I think it would be really significant and cool if a drone or rc plane could connect to new batteries and toss the old batteries without a person touching it. I want to see a drone pull a pony express and swap batteries on its own over a flying course. Of course I don't mean just installing an...
  19. EraJomppa

    Parallel and series pondering

    I´ll divide my question in 2 parts, but let me start by saying that I have some knowledge of the subject but making the logical conclusion is sometimes difficult so I want to get some suggestions and opinions from you guys. 1st. I got two 6cell (6s) batteries connected in parallel under load...
  20. G

    4 port battery charger recommendations?

    Hi, I am looking into getting a 4 port charger so I don't have to wait so long to charge all my batteries. So far I have narrowed it down to two, the Dynamite Prophet Sport Quad 4 X 50W AC/DC Charger (DYNC2040) and the Hitec X4 AC+ 4 Channel AC/DC Charger (HRC44167) The things that I want the...