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  1. A

    KK2 board throttle calibration starts programming ESCs instead?!

    Hi, just want to share an issue I'm having, hope somebody knows how to solve it. I was just calibrating my ESCs throttle to get them in sync on a quad powered by a KK2, but instead of the two beeps at full throttle and then one beep at idle, after the usual ''1+4 button, power up, wait for...
  2. JimCR120

    Shipping Cheers & Jeers

    Some of you might know I've been drooling over the Excalibur. Thursday, just after midnight (making it actually Friday), I ordered one along with a bunch of other things for me and a friend coming into the hobby. The order was split because the charger and 1 LiPo was not available in the US...
  3. W

    Can you make the swappables with HK foam

    In australia you cant get the dollar tree foam board, so this is the best alternative. When watching the build videos it seems like the designs rely on the paper backing, which I do not believe the hobbyking foam has. Is it then possible to make the designs with it? Link...
  4. C

    Hobby King Cloud surfer and FS I6AB... Are they compatible?

    Hello fellow gremlins I am new to RC planes and I was wondering if the Hking Cloud Surfer was compatible with the FlySky I6AB and if so how to wire it up together?
  5. J

    some questions about hobbyking.....

    Hello everybody Once again to my second post. If you want to know what i'm going to talk about please read my first post: http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?34743-just-looking-for-advice-for-many-things So i bought all the stuff i need for the mighty ini= mustang kit but i still need a...
  6. elias-b

    Setting up a Hobbyking Bonsai Wing

    I'm about to buy a hobbyking bonsai wing and want to make it FPV, however I'm not sure how to hook up the FPV equipment. I will be using the Eachine 1000TVL camera and the Eachine tx526 transmitter however I don't know where to plug these into power. I have heard you need a step down converter...
  7. Andre

    HobbyKing® ™ MX2 3D EPP 955mm ARF

    There are some pretty amazing people in the world. And doing the podcast has connected me with some many. One gentleman named Scott from Australia decided I needed a challenge. I needed to fly 3D. This stemmed from the fact back in the fall of 2015 we were having access issue to where I...
  8. N

    Hobbyking Graphene

    I assume some of you fine folks have seen them on the hobbyking daily, instagram, facebook, vision-from-above. Anyway, I have been flying the 1500 4s multistar and although they are good, they are damn heavy on my already heavy MXP230 so I went ahead and ordered 3 of the 1300 4s Graphene...
  9. kacknor

    Durafly Tundra, My First Impressions

    Received my Tundra in the mail today about 1:00. It is now 7:30 as I start this and the plane is ready to maiden save the velcro to hold the battery. Bank, shopping dinner and life slowed me down a bit. ;) First thoughts: The unboxing was uneventful, save the right elevator came out of the box...
  10. Centus

    Durafly Tundra review please!

    I just listened to the FT Afterhours podcast re: the Tundra and the interview with Stewart and based on their praise I'm really excited about this new plane. I would love to see a Bixler/FT crew review of this seemingly excellent model!
  11. kacknor

    Testing HobbyKing Foam and glue...

    I received two boxes of HobbyKing foam board this past week. This morning I'd cleaned off my bench for a new 3D EPP kit build and I got to thinking about the new HK stuff and what glue it might use. This is in no way scientific. Or well planned, thought out, or possibly even effective. But it...
  12. Andre

    Andre's HobbyKing Skipper

    The Skipper is one of those planes you should really try. It is a little wild but handles like a race car. Specially if you have snow issues. I picked mine up during the pre-Christmas sale. HobbyKing® ™ Skipper All Terrain Airplane EPO 700mm (PNF) I use a OrangeRx R410X DSMX Compatible 4Ch/6CH...
  13. Andre

    100 Stuart Warne from Hobbyking

    100 Stuart Warne from Hobbyking Join Chris and Andre as they sit down with hobbyking"s own Stuart Warne. In this indepth interview learn how Stuart got involved with RC and Hobbyking.We also get some great insight on the inter workings of the Durafly brand and a few details on whats in the...
  14. D

    Hobbyking Bravado - Maiden Flight!

    First flight with anther fun 3D plane!! I have since removed the landing gear from the Bravado to increase flight performance. It flies great, its a little heavier than the hyperbipe and the battery life is extremely short, but overall its more durable and a great 3D aircraft!
  15. H

    Cheap transmitters for a group of middle schoolers

    Hi. I'm doing an after school program that will have middle schoolers build their own FT22's. The budget is tight. The HobbyKing HK6s should do the trick, if they work. Does anyone know if these are reliable or not? I have seen some videos on Youtube of people having them hooked up wrong...
  16. James Y

    One Piece EDF for FT Viggen

    I am hoping someone can recommend a good all-in-one EDF unit for the Ft Viggen, ideally from HobbyKing, or somewhere in Canada. I originally bought this setup, but had my Fan explode on spool up...: Turnigy L2855-2800 EDF Outrunner (630w) 10 Blade High-Performance 70mm EDF Ducted Fan Unit...
  17. B

    i86 to hobbyking reciever

    I'm using a i86 flight controller and my receiver is having a rough time connecting to the flight controller. https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/%5F%5F8338%5F%5FHobby%5FKing%5F2%5F4Ghz%5F4Ch%5FTx%5FRx%5FV2%5FMode%5F2%5F.html this link is my receiver and I was wondering if you...
  18. B

    Hobby King DIY FPV Kit

    Hey there, I got the hobby king quanum diy fpv kit and I'd like to know a good camera to get and how to pair it to the goggles. I've been flying RC's for a while but new to FPV and would love some help! Thanks, Ben
  19. I


    Hi ppl, I just have 1 question... I just built my first ever FT Versa Wing (1st plane EVER) and I need to know if it will work with my radio/transmitter. I have the Hobbyking (MODE 2) that was like $28.00... WILL IT WORK??? PLEASE SAY YES or I may need to find ANOTHER new hobby!!
  20. P

    Motor options for Electrohub quadcopter

    Hey all, I'm getting a parts list together for building my first multi rotor - the FT Electrohub quadcopter. I'm planning to source my motors from Hobby King (EU) to save on import duties and shipping in Denmark. Judging from what other people have reported, and the power kits available...