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Hobbyking Spies and Scratch Built FPV Wing V2


I'm going to build a new version of the fpv flying wing. This one will have a dome on the nose like the RVJet and the new HK Bixler Fpv platform. I'm building the next one for Pilot294 on this forum in exchange for a Thunder Tiger 40 trainer he gave me.

Now, I'm no artist and am suffering a creative block at the moment. I sketched up a top and front view to send to Jesse (P294) for comments. As soon as I sent it via facebook chat, clicked back over to my newsfeed, what is there? Hobbyking's new fpv flying wing that is soon to be released. It even appear to have an almost identical airfoil profile as the one I am using. Man, they have GOOD spies! LOL



Hostage Taker of Quads
Ddin't you know? The that wing cam doesn't stop recording becasue you press the button. Got good footage of your build basement, (and EKGs of your dreams). Needed to reformat to get it to work again? reformat -- riiiight. More like upload to HK build central.

Monkey wouldn't beleive me earlier, but HK's product dev team sneaky lill' buggers!

(BTW, I think the single sheet drawing constitutes sufficent grounds to demand extended local flight testing of their wing. It's only fair!)