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Hot Glue Guns


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Mate, walk into your local Bunnings or $2 shop and get the cheapest one there. No trouble.

The only qualifying statement is that a smaller gun might be handy when you have to get glue into a tight spot.


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and make sure you don't fly the plane if it's too hot. Hubby had a plane disintegrate on landing because the glue had half melted on a hot day in Adelaide.


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The car trunk can be that hot if the sun shines. I have picked pieces from an EPP glued with UHU Por.

I have the cheapest gun - works fine - but remember to buy a lot of extra glue sticks - they disappear fast.
Most of the glue is peeled off after pressing the parts together. You need a relatively thick layer of glue to keep the heat in it until you press the parts together.
I have a small glue gun and its not that good ... takes too long to heat the glue, and you cant spread a thick layer of glue, when i attempt to spread into a line of glue, by the end of it the start is already solid ....

So you need a not so small glue gun and with good power to heat it nicely.


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I had a cheapy gun ... But it exploded... Shorted 230V...
So now I have a bit more expensive one though it's still the same, except the construction is a bit better and gets hot faster :)


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Mine is a cheap 10W job from Kmart. Cost about AU$6. Takes about 3-5 minutes to heat up to the temp I like, and you can do fairly long joins without the glue hardening (I've done the full Funbat airfoil).

(Yikes, I said 40W! Not quite...)
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what brand and where do you get the glue gun Josh uses? I don't like my cheep 3 dollar gun. The glue cools too fast for long joints and the short sticks go bye bye before the joint is complete. I am going to try my wifes gun on some spare foam, but I think it will be too hot.
i have a 60w gun and the glue gets so hot that it boils when you apply it . so i have to heat it up and then unplug it for a while so it gets to operating temp because it has a no drip ball valve in the front that has to melt before glue flows . the gun heats the glue so much that it also takes about 3min to go hard properly . but having said that , the valve in the front is great because i have left it on in 2 cases where it ran for 24hours and only leaked a small puddle of gule .


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The portable hot glue gun from Hobbyking is fantastic. It's considerably hotter than my $2 10W gun (even though it's rated 10W), so long joints are no problem. It's just at the temp where it bubbles out the foam a little. It also has a long metal nozzle for getting into tight spaces and picking up excess glue. And to top it off, it runs off a 3s lipo.

Product of the year in my book.

The one used by the Flitetest boys is Chad's. It looks to be almost on the too hot side of things...
I agree That that Glue Gun and its brown spot looks on the hot side. However, he has no problem using it on the foam board, and he has plenty of time to glue the entire wing on the Bloody Wonder and not worry.

My glue gun.........the glue joint got hard at the starting point just installing the wing spar.

I will definitely consider the battery powered gun when it shows up in the USA warehouse.

It would be easy if one of them two just mentioned what brand it is. I'm certain I'm not the only one who has asked what it is......
I tried out my wife's "carefull it will burn you" glue gun on some scrap adams foam board and it worked great. Its Blue and brand starts with a "A".

Used it to finish the powerpod assembly for the Bloody Wonder. Now all I'm waiting for it the HobbyKing order with the control horns, motor mounts, etc..... should have just went to Hobby Town and paid their price I'd be flying it by now. (I used the Dynam A21 power package to equip the power pod)
I use this one

Gets plenty hot, got it at walmart, was like $10

I get the Glue sticks at walmart also

they are in the craft area, where they also have these really weird midget popsicle sticks, they are like half size

IMG_20150520_154402572 (480x640).jpg