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Hottest day EVER on Rio de Janeiro ! FPV TIME !


Old age member
What was hot? Not a single Samba girl in sight. Your field was even more empty than my field today at minus 4C.


Rotor Riot!
WOW - you have really learnt fast - just like I expect my learning curve to be. Lot's of game/simulator time getting the rudder part worked out, all I need is FPV gear! Great video, I liked the middle part! You did what I would have done, at the speed I would have done it!
that day it was 50 degrees of thermic sensation !! and some guys had to work, thats why the club was empty... im on a recess till jan ...

Ill promise ill fly over the beach next time ! im gathering confidence to do it in a crowded area :p

@colorex: go for it ! games/simulators helps a alot !

ill try to make some radical videos for the young and some culture oriented, sight seeing for the seasoned fpviewer :p