New from UK!


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Hi All!

I recently discovered FT. Back in my teens, I used to fly RC a fair bit and do a lot of experimentation, but my means were limited. I kind of stopped all of that for education, family, work etc. If I'd started at a later time, in the era of cheap brushless motors and LiPos, things would have been very different! So this year, I've been discovering all this great tech and the foamboard building technique and trying to inspire my son along the way.

Anyway yesterday we maiden'd our FT Tutor, on one of the hottest days of the year, and it went really well! Probably almost 30 mins airborne from 2 batteries. He filmed, why I pootled about at about half throttle on a very hot day.

I'm still buzzing from this, quite frankly! I was so excited after, that I made a video using my son's iphone footage. Hope you like it!