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How about some more fuel powered shenanigans?


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What few ICE aircraft the guys have flown were great fun to watch, but as a pistonhead, it kinda bugs me that there's only a handful of such vids. I'd like to see the guys expand a bit more, start experimenting with internal combustion. MAybe even find a way to reliably update the FT kits to accept glow power?

I'm going to be building a nitro Spear(I already have the airframe on hand, waiting on engines and some suitable hot glue sticks before I get to building), but as it's a pusher most of the schmoo is just gonna go out the back. I've seen it done on YT by other people, but I'm still a bit hesitant to glow power a tractor FT foamboard plane.


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That would be the whole reason you dont see glow much here. Foam and glowfuel dont mix well. At the end of the day electric is just more reliable. Even my latest 60cc sized plane is going electric (want full up crazy without the dead sticks). I am sure if someone put in more time and posted what they were doing in detail, and the results, they might be able to have a full on article posted.