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How about these parts of FPV?

I am pilot,Today I collected and made a list as below, How about these configurations of FPV?

  • 180 quadcopter 3k carbon fiber frame?
  • SP Racing F3 Quadcopter Flight Controller Acro 6 DOF
  • EMAX RS2306 2750kv Brushless Motors
  • Makerfire 4pcs BLHeli_S 30A ESC
  • FPV Racing 5x4.5E 5x4.5EP props?
  • Tattu R-Line 22.2V 95C 1300mAh Battery
  • RunCam Camera Swift Mini 600TVL FPV
  • 5.8GHZ 200MW 32CH Wireless Transmitter TX
  • Dynamite GPS Speed Meter
  • 2pcs Aomway 5.8G FPV Antenna
  • 3D Goggles with 5in VR Monitor
  • Flysky i6X transmitter with iA6B receiver
  • Battery Straps

If you have some good ideas please leave your messages on here , Thank you.


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Do you have any links to that frame? If its 180mm motor to motor, then its built likely for running 4" props. Those 5" props you have would not fit.

Speaking of your chosen props, it appears those are blunt nose bi-blades. They aren't a standard prop that most pilots fly now. I'd suggest looking into HQ or DAL tri-blade props.

Those EMAX RS2306 motors with 2750kv (revolutions per volt) are monsters. They draw a ton of amps. You may want to consider the RS2306 2400kv, as that is a much more manageable both on the speed and the amp draw.

It appears you're selecting a 6S (6 cell; 22.2V nominal) battery. If you match that battery and those motors, you'll likely destroy those ESCs. Most normal FPV flying is done with 4S (4 cell; 14.8V nominal, 16.8V max) batteries.

The SP Racing F3 is an alright board, but its fairly old as fast as this hobby is moving. There are potentially better options out there. I'd suggest you make sure you do not get a knock-off board.

Give us a bit more idea about what you want from this build: racing, freestyle, just something to get in the air. That should help us guide some of the components. Is this your first build?


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Seems to me you are quite new to the hobby. That mix of parts not only do not really go well together but would be wayyyyyyyyyyy to much for a newer pilot to try to handle even if you could get them to work properly together. I say this as that list looks like something someone who went thru you tube and randomly picked them because they were on a fast quads.

What kind of flight experience do you have? How long have you been flying? Have you built your own quads before?

Any information you can give about all that will help us help you build a decent quad AND keep you and the neighborhood safe.


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Both French and PsyBorg make some good points. Both are giving you good advice.

I find it interesting that you are high end on all the parts, those motors are monsters, but low end on the transmitter. That FlySky radio will work, but you will want a better radio in a year.

The transmitter is something you will use for every model you fly from a $12 foamie to a $600 multi-rotor.

If I were you, I would spend no more than $200 on your first quad build and buy a FrSky QX7 or Taranis and spend the first 6 months to a year learning how to handle the learning curve to fly a quad on OpenTX. :)

The other bit of kit that impacts ALL you fly is your battery charger. Get a good balance charger and a good radio, stuff that will grow with you as you get deeper into the hobby.


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Get a good balance charger and a good radio, stuff that will grow with you as you get deeper into the hobby.


I've got a Hitec X4 AC+. It was overpriced when I bought it, but something similar will do you good. I use it every day to charge and store my packs. That's another thing...

Be EXTRA sure that your charger can store your packs by bringing them to 3.8v / cell. Your batteries won't last a year if you don't store them properly