How do i get a plane out of a really large tree?


Slingshot, some heavy fishing line and a couple of large nuts. Fling the nut over the branch and let it drop. Attach some good rope to it. Pull it back over the branch and start pulling. Took me 3 days of trying but this is how i retrieved my Radian that was perched 80-100 feet up in a tree. Good luck.


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I feel your pain. It was not long ago that I got my plane stuck in a tree. See my thread here

My plane was in the tree a total of about 2 weeks if I remember correctly. When I finally got it down the battery was toast and was disposed of but all the other electronics still work. The plane and electronics survived 2 thunder storms in the process as well. The sling shot I used was the only way I was able to get my plane down.

Good luck and I hope my thread helps.


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Oh man its really stuck up there. Looks like that is a dense tree as well. If you have a large surf fishing rod and can cast well you may be able to reach it, but a sling shot it probably more accurate. If you miss the plane, but are close you could also try yanking the try with the line to see if you can shake it down. It's always fun to see what Flitetest has tried as well:


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With trees there's always two options:

1. Get the plane out of the tree.

2. Get the tree out of the plane.