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  1. flitetest

    Plane FT Flying Christmas Trees 1.0

    Description: Foam board flying Christmas trees available in two different sizes. Josh Bixler designed the small version for use with the FT 1806 (A Pack) motor and a 650-800 mAh 3S LiPo battery. David Jester designed the large version for use with the FT 2212 (B Pack) motor and a 1300 mAh 3S...
  2. S

    Eagle Tree Vector Motor Redundancy

    Hi Everyone, This might be a dumb question, but I can't find a positive or negative answer. I'm looking at building a Y6 for AP. Can the Eagle Tree Vector handle a single motor failure on a Y6 configuration? Thanks everyone! Sharde
  3. S

    First tree incident

    So was out flying in some strong winds today with the versa wing. Was all good until I decided to dive the trees and didn't pull up in time haha. I think it was a combination of wind gust and not seeing the very top of the tree on my tiny 5" screen. Hence climbing the tree to recover it. Videos...
  4. nhk750

    HELP!!! My Storch is not lost...

    Well, I know where it is, but unfortunately, I can not reach it... As you can see, the Storch is towards the top of the tree, how it got there? Well, I looked down at my Tx for one second and smash!!!! Went right into the tree... I tried climbing the tree, but could only get this...
  5. dannyboy70000

    How do i get a plane out of a really large tree?

    i have been making a sort of video blob on my YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPZU_gEb4c4nhdRfCKDQVrg, i got my FT-Flyer with all my electronics and a few of my friends stuck up in this massive tree. Have you or anyone you know gotten there plane stuck in a massive tree...
  6. Snarls

    Proximity FPV Tree Dancing

    I have not been able to fly far and fast lately due to range issues so here is a short clip of some proximity FPV flying I did around a large oak tree.
  7. dannyboy70000

    How long will a lipo last in a tree?

    hi, i got my plane stuck up in a tree and it has been up there for 27 hours and its about to go for its second night, hopefully it doesn't rain. Anyway, i wanted to know how long the lipo will last?, is it going to catch on fire?, will it still be flyable?( the lipo of coarse) and will the rain...
  8. dannyboy70000

    Plane stuck in the tree

    hi, i was flying an FT-flyer at night with no LED's and it got stuck at the very top of a big 30m tall tree at least and it is too dangerous to climb up it and we don't have a pole big enough to get it and we also cant hit a tennis ball up that high, we don't have FPV so we couldn't drop...
  9. MojoFlyer

    Airplane extraction after tree "Landing"

    Parked/Landed my FT Tiny Trainer high up in a pine tree this evening after work. Tromped around in the thicket of vines and smaller trees below breaking rotting limbs off to try and throw at my plane. I hit the plane a few times, but it didn't budge. Got all scraped up in the process. Then...
  10. JohnRambozo

    Harrowing Rescures

    I'm sure everyone at some time has had to go to great lengths to retrieve their beloved plane. Today was that day for me. It started as a beautiful, quiet day with a slight breeze but quickly showed some pretty aggressive gusts. I was having too much fun to quit so I just battled the wind and...
  11. M

    My Second Crash

    Hi. You may know me from the thread titled "My First Crash". I am not feeling very smart. After my crash with a baby tree, I decided to go flying in a field edged with some 100 year old oak trees. Bad idea. Look at it. It can't understand why I won't bring it down. It's jammed between some...
  12. Andre

    We know when to laugh

    15 years ago this would have been a lot different. It would have ended in tears but modern rc flying with inexpensive parts & foam board is a delight. This was the 2nd flight of the day. I'd been fighting a tail heavy plane but the previous flight was almost 8 mins. So wanted to try 1 more...
  13. dingmike

    Stuck in a tree, Too windy for me.

    So I thought I could squeeze in a flight before the SuperBowl. I went to my regular place and noticed it was a little windier than I ever flown before. I took off, 8 seconds later I was stuck in the tallest tree in the frickin' park! Spent the next hour throwing rock at it. I asked a kid if he...
  14. ExAir

    Foamboard Scratchbuilding Challenge: Largest Wingspan

    Here is a challenge to take foamboard scratchbuilding techniques to the maximum: HUGE WINGSPAN! I've created a contest for building the largest wingspan scratchbuilt foamboard RC airplane using the Armin Wing airfoil technique and capable of controlled electric-powered flight for 60 seconds...
  15. ExAir

    Dollar Tree Foambooard Scratchbuild Techniques

    I have produced a series of 20 how-to videos detailing some of the construction techniques I've found useful in working with "Dollar Tree Foamboard" (actually Readi-Board by RL Adams Plastics). I would like to share them here. The idea of the video series is to show ways you can create and...