How does your fav ft plane fly?


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I'm looking to categorize the ft planes by flight characteristics with your help!

So what's your favorite ft plane, how does it fly, what are your fav characteristics? And what you would like to be better on it.

My fav right now is the scout. It floats and is highly acrobatic. I would like the wings to be stronger I keep bending them during acrobatic maneuvers!


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Gotta say its a tie between the Guinea and Vector
Guinea pig can cruise around nicely but I have it set up for crazy flat spins and 3d-like flying. Its amazing the wide flight envelope of the aircraft.
Vector is set up with the forward-swept wing instead of the typical delta wing because of the aerobatic advantages of the forward swept. Needless to say the thing can do Pugachev's cobra, awesome pitch spins, elevators, and amazing high alphas.
Hope this information helps


My favorite FT plane is the Storch. It has great STOL characteristics and can be used as a workhorse. I've seen it pull small sailplanes, it can be used for bomb drops and I've even seen one land itself after a mid-air where the battery became disconnected. It is a great rc airplane!

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Guinea Pig. It can vtol, it can hover, it can snap-roll, do easy vertical, and fit HUUUUGE batteries. It's a combat beast.


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Foam Cub

Sort of a FT airplane in that it was built from plans from the FT Forums and uses FT techniques to build is the FOAM CUB. It is on the large size, has true STOL performance. Super short takeoffs and landings. Slow flying aerobatics. I enjoy the low and slow inverted pass followed by a vertical climbout. An easy build too! Always draws positive comments from club members when it flys.:cool:

Here is a link to the great build thread..

tCub.JPG tc1.JPG tc2.JPG
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