How do I turn my Ft guinea pig into a semi long range fpv plane


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I recently finished my first kit, a ft guinea pig and it fly's great. I've always loved the idea of exploring with an rc plane and I want to fit my plane with a long range fpv camera system that can transmit a fairly clean signal for >5Km . I'm also willing to lightly modify my receiver to increase the transmitter range. My plane is stock apart from the transmitter (X8r) Any instructions on what to get and how to install it would be amazing! (I've got a Taranis x9 lite with a ft big guinea and x8r receiver) Feel free to ask if you need any more info.


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If you are going long range, you probably should consider using a long range protocol, telemetry, and hardware like ELRS, A flight Controller with GPS modes/ Return to home, and be fully aware of any laws governing flight where you plan to fly. Not knowing where you live and plan to fly, we can only give vague advice.