How I Lost My Storch at Flite Fest


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You all might enjoy this one, as it's slightly amazing.

I built a new FT Storch just before Flite Fest, and the plan was to maiden it at the event. I was really looking forward to it... the plane was a nice clean, straight scratch-build, and I had expectations of some excellent flights as a result.

Such was indeed the case. I sent it up for its maiden a little while after the rain moved through, and once I'd adjusted the CG slightly and added some trim, it flew perfectly. Neato.

On its third or fourth flight, there was a pretty big crowd of planes up there. We were in the Intermediate Section of the field, and pilots were many. While flying patterns with the new Storch, I was motoring along the back straight when I noticed that it wasn't responding to the controls any more. Then... worse... I noticed that the plane I was watching wasn't even mine. I'd lost it in the crowd, and had absolutely no idea where it was.

I started working the sticks while looking around at all the planes aloft in an attempt to pick mine out from its movements, but to no avail. It appeared to be well and truly gone. Several guys from our tent area kindly joined me in a search through the bean field, but even though we fanned out and covered a large area, there was no trace of my Storch.

So I returned to our tent, resigned to the fact that I'd lost my plane for good. A little later, while I was getting another plane ready to fly, a couple of kids walked past our shelter, and one was carrying a Storch that appeared to be identical to mine. I stopped him, and saw that it was indeed my "lost" plane. I asked where he'd found it, and he replied that it had landed itself down near the Beginner end of the field, and had just sat there until its battery alarm started to go off - at which time they investigated it, saw my name and info on the bottom, and tried to call my cell. As many of you noticed, cell coverage varied a lot at the field... my reception was poor, so I didn't get the call. So they were headed to the lost-and-found with my plane. Now here's the amazing part... although it had landed by itself, and out of control at that, it was still in perfect condition. There wasn't a mark on it, so it must have made a nice soft landing. Right about the time I gave up on ever finding it, I suddenly found myself holding it again. Kinda messes with your head. Anyway, I got in a bunch more great flights with it over the rest of the weekend. Talk about making memories...

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Awesome! Looks like you have psychic abilities to land your planes. Glad it survived untouched and that the good people at Flitefest returned it to you.


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I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. So many planes in the air at FF one is bound to get lost.


LOL! I was camped out near the beginner flight line, and at some point I heard my wife say something to our neighbor about his new Storch and he replied that it wasn't his and that it was found sitting in the bean field with the battery alarm beeping. He said there was an AMA number and phone number on it, and that someone tried unsuccessfully to call you. I didn't know what happened after that, so I'm glad to hear that you were re-united with it. :D


HA! I've seen another Storch land itself after colliding with a Bixler flown by a young, um, Bixler. It aligned itself with the long, narrow property and landed perfectly! The Storch in quite an airplane!


Are you sure it was yours? Another lost Storch has been found....


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Perfect example of Flite Fest Karma.

Gryf is a contributing member of the family so that good karma came back around to him at FF.