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How Much Area Needed to Fly This Size Plane

Park flyers are great to be able to fly almost anywhere, but then one wants to go bigger and yet not have to go to a flying field. So how much area is need for different size planes. Simple question but so full of variables. So lets take one model, say the P51D Mustang, since it is offered in so many different sizes. There maybe a better way to ask this question, open for others. Here are the wing lengths:

650 MM
960 MM
1100 MM
1200 MM
1350 MM
1600 MM

As for area needed. How about something along this line.

Small neighbor park.
Baseball field.
Football/soccer field.
Flitetest size area.
Local flying field.


Hopefully experienced flyers of these size planes will share there experiances.



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It is not the wingspan that decides the needed space.
It is more wingloading and speed.
Not only that but also the landing speed and the glide.

Other parameters are noise. You will probably not fly something that will get the neighbours mad at you in the park.

Other things to think about is that you have to be careful not to harm anyone. Motors in the front of the plane are dangerous also if they are light but fast.

Say you have a typical foam parkflyer with a span of 1000 mm like the Wilga 2000.
With the right pilot it will fly easily in a park.

Another WWII combat model with the same span or smaller will not be something anyone would like to see in any other place than the Flitetest/ local club field.

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Another large factor is how good a pilot you are. I can fly my planes in much smaller areas now than I could when I was starting out. If you are pretty new to the hobby then you need to allow quite a large area. As you get better you can start flying in smaller fields. Also account for your flying style. When I'm flying 3D I'm usually hovering around in a small area close to the ground anyway so my local park works great. I would say that for a warbird which flies very fast and doesn't have 3D type manueverability, you will want to stick to pretty large areas. It doesn't take much of an error to have an expensive accident when there's people around.
Forgot to mention, electric was a given. Yes, noise issues hurts all kinds of activities. Lets say the only difference are the planes, cut out a bunch of variables. What can fly in what space?
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