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How (Not) To Tow An Airplane

First, we promise we are not trying to overtake the 'Lessons Learned' tab. But some things just need posting.

Back on Bad Idea Wednesday, we had an idea: let's tow Pilot Blocker's homemade drone (the Dragonfly) with Captain Blocker's FT Guinea Pig. Now we're no engineers (yet), but we've had our fair share of good ideas and successes. This was only one of those. We have successfully towed the Dragonfly with an RC car(video on our YouTube channel), so this couldn't be that difficult, right? A plane with enough power to carry a 3s LiPo, a GoPro, and my hopes and dreams, all while going vertical, towing a drone as heavy as a couple of feathers. Well it turns out that it matters where you connect the tow cable. We attached it to the inside, towards the front of the Guinea. The string ran out the cargo door and connected to the Dragonfly (with no release mechanism--red flag). I gave the Guinea some power, and you can watch the rest...

The Dragonfly pulled upward on the tail of the Guinea, causing an uncontrollable nosedive, that also caused a small nearby earthquake. But to everyone's surprise, including my own, the only damage done to the plane was to the nose. It's bode out at every edge, as if it was smashed into the ground nose-first. It won't be pretty, but some hot glue and a prayer should fix it, at least to the point of future operation. Other than that, there was seriously NO damage to anything else.