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How to go straight up when motors rev differently?


I would love some help to balance my motors so they all rev the same. When I take off from the ground my Dragonfly rises on the left more than the right and tips over.

I have a Dragonfly with kit motors and escs. I am running Cleanflight 1.10 (heard .09 was bad for Tri's). The two front props are turning in, the straight out ones are turning out (and even thought they are pointing downward the numbers are up), and my rudder is counter clockwise.

When I connect to Cleanflight and monitor my motors, I see that numbers two and three are not rev-ing evenly. Motor three tends to run about 100 rpms faster. When I roll on my tx I can make that change and get them even - but they are not quite even to start with. I re-calibrated the escs by arming with the throttle at 100% and then lowering it - that decreased the difference between 2 and 3.

When I put it into angle mode (aux 2) the difference is even greater - why ????

When I look at the Cleanflight screen for the TX it seems as though all of my bars are going the right direction and in the right range. I don't know how to dump my settings in Cleanflight - but I will do that if it helps. Most of the settings are default, with the exception of changing my minimum throttle so I could get it to arm.

Thoughts anyone??? Please!!!

Silly question but can sometimes be overlooked, are all the props the same pitch and are all the motors the same kv etc?
Also, in your transmitter, are you using a fresh model memory or did you copy over an existing profile, sometimes doing this can muck things up like if the trims are set weirdly...
Thank you for replying!

My motors are the same and the props are the same...

I cannot remember if I copied the model. I probably did, but there wasn't that much that I tweaked - the expos and duals for sure. Would you recommend starting over or just undoing whatever is left?


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Don`t know much about Tri`s but what flight controller are you using the difference should be taken up by the gyro on the control board to keep the Tri level. That is the way Quads operate for level mode the gyro takes over the stabilization.