How to switch up/down + decrease sensitivity of transmitter?


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Newbie here. I recently bought a kit from FlightTest which includes the transmitter depicted below. I plan to fly it for the first time today and I've got a couple of questions:
1) I installed it such that up/down controls are inverted. How do I invert the controls on the transmitter so that they are correct?
2) The instructional video for my kit was mentioning that I could decrease the sensitivity of the controls, but it was for a different transmitter. Can you advise how to do that on my transmitter?




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I do not have the transmitter you have but I presume you mean when you pull the right hand stick back towards you it makes the elevator go down.
If this is the case there will be in the transmitter menu a page that allows you to reverse the signal being sent to the elevator servo most likely channel 3.
Without knowing which plane you have and some idea of your RC experience it is difficult to advise further.


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...How do I invert the controls on the transmitter so that they are correct?...
If I recall you reverse a channel on the output page.
...Can you advise how to do that on my transmitter?...
Again, on the output page, Nope it's on the Input page, there is a percentage for each channel that can be changed. If you need to reduce the percentage below 60% or so, you should consider changing the hole your linkage is in.

To reduce the throws. On the servo, move the linkage inward. On the control surfaces, move the linkage outward.

Each FT plane has the recommended throw for each control surface. It's a good practice to start on the low rate & as your flying skills improve, move to the higher rate.
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