Huge BAE Hawk


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Due to my illness, I have not had the opportunity to edit any videos for a while, but have now fixed a video that I filmed on May 14th. A really nice and huge model of a BAE Hawk that is over 3 meters long. A real beauty to see when it flies. Some shaking somewhere in the video unfortunately since this was the first filming since last fall. But you can not help but admire the skilled pilot Joel Dandemar when he handles this model, hoping to have the opportunity to film it several times this summer and maybe get a better video on it.

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Hope you like the video.



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Welcome back Bjarne

Sorry to hear you have not been well old friend. Hopefully it wasn't Corona nor that it is an on going thing and that you are back to normal again. I really miss seeing you in that awesome new shop doing things and showing us what you do.