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I am a total newbie and need help.

I would like to get started in the world of quadcopter racing, I have seen a video on youtube showing how to build a quadcopter for racing cheaply and have decided to follow it, I have no equipment to use this, and I'm not sure if this hobby is something I want to commit to so I don't want to buy a expensive radio transmitter so something cheap would do me fine, can you link me to a radio and receiver that would go in the quadcopter for about £30 total (both items included, for americans that is $46)

any help is appreciated. :)


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The cheapest I would consider is the FlySky/HobbyKing HK-T6

but you must order one of these to use it (which for some reasons they don't stock in the UK warehouse)

and have a computer to program it...both it best and worst feature. Well, the analog trims might be the worst feature since there are ways to use a smart phone to download different models.
It's very cheap so be prepared for quality issues.

A much better choice for a bit more money is the Flysky/Turnigy i6

The receiver it comes with will get you started but this one is better
Partly because you can use one of these with it
But also because it supports PPM which saves some wiring and has better range.

You will need that same USB cable to upgrade the firmware although you probably won't need to immediately.
The i6 is probably the best value out of the box for under $100. It is cheap so be prepared for quality issues. However the 3 I've bought (school projects) have been ok so far and seem well made. If you like the look of this I can post a few useful links.

Other more expensive budget choices you might consider are the Orange T SIX with a 6ch DSMX RX, the Turnigy/FlySky 9X, the Spektrum DX6i, the Turnigy 9XPRO with FrySky Module and reciever, the DEVO 7 (short range), the DEVO 10. They all have their trade offs which have been discussed in other threads.
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