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I am looking for suggestions on a good EDF motor.


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I want to get into EDF and naturally I'm going to scratch build. Can anyone recommend a decent EDF motor/prop combo thingy that is cheap and will run off of a 2cell battery?

I'm making a Mig-15 and I want to keep it light and smallish. Under a 30" wingspan. I think. I'm going to build it around the motor. I hope to keep it light so I won't need a lot of power. Just an EDF that is decent off of a 2cell battery. Hopefully it can handle the weight of a 1000mah battery and I won't have to go with a 500mah. BUT hopefully it will be a motor than can handle a 3cell if it comes to that.

If it turns out decent I'll write an article about it. The cheaper and better the EDF motor is, the better the plane will be and the more you will want to build one too. :D


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Projected weight? What EDF size are you looking at? 50? This seems like a good price/performance tradeoff in that case. Or this motor with this fan unit? A bit cheaper but you'll have to balance it yourself. There are other good vendors of course =).

But it's important to know what wing area and total weight your build will have. And what speeds you expect... I don't think you want to go smaller than 50 or larger than 64.


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I want a complete system for the ease. I don't mind paying a little extra to know for sure it's the right motor/fan combo.

I'm not sure on the weight or size. The size of the plane that I was thinking would leave the battery to weigh almost as much as the airframe and other electronics (not including motor). At least if I use a decent sized 3cell.

I don't think I want to build it for speed, but with swept back wings I think it'll have to move fast to fly. Plus EDFs are meant for speed.

... I really like the price of that EDF that you suggested. I think I would want it a little bigger to get the size of plane I was hoping for, yet I think that size/EDF would be a good starting point for getting into EDF. I especially like the price. If it's not the right EDF, then I won't be "out" too much and will have a better understanding of what I need.

Thanks for the suggestion. I think I'll go with that one. After I get the Mig-15 all done and tested I'll write an article about it. Unless it's a failure, but if it's a horrible failure I'll still write the article. ;) Horrible failures are always good for a laugh.
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Be careful as physical size is not as important as proper setup. I built a FT-22 with a small wing span and used a 70MM fan with a thrust tube made from a split in 2 red solo cup (lol) flew like a dream. but the smaller you go with an EDF the higher you will need to keep the throttle just to keep flying. The other tip I will give you is that the thrust tube is crittical, no longer than 1.5 times the diameter of the fan and it should taper to roughly 2/3 the diameter of the fan. I have worked on the bench and flying DF and EDF for a while now and this is just some insight. If you want a laugh see my "Lessons Learned" post "Fly the plane" lol