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I need a more effecient power plant for my Bloody Wonder.


Senior Member
I have a Bloody Wonder (just finished it yesterday) and I'm loving this thing. A few members of the local RC club will be building them soon for some streamer fighting down the road. I would like to find a more effecient way to power them however.

Right now I'm running:
-Suppo 2208/14 1450Kv motor
-18A Suppo ESC
-2200 mah 3S 30/40c battery
-8x4 APC prop

I have run an 850 mah battery on this thing. The plane flies about the same with the extra weight of the bigger battery if you make sure to check the CG. The problem is that will run for about 6 min at full throttle and if we are steamer fighting I'm sure a good bit of the flying will be full throttle. How do I get better flight time out of this plane without giving away too much proformance?


Senior Member
I'd try some other props that are close to your 8x4. I saw a prop efficiency writeup linked to from this forum, seems as APC is not the most efficient brand out there. If you don't have a rig for testing props then just use a stopwatch and do circuits. Yes I know, boring =).


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I actually just ordered a watt meter to start working this stuff out. Learning that math now. I'll end up posting questions about the watt meter in the math thread I started in flite school at some point.