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I need help to keep progressing

Hello, everybody.
First of all I would like to thank everyone for being part of this wonderful community, and above all for supporting and helping those who need it most.

I live in Cuba, a country where, for various reasons, I don't have access to many of the resources I would like. But that doesn't discourage me from going forward. Each new project is a challenge, from finding the necessary materials to obtaining the necessary electronic components. Here we don't have large stores or small businesses selling EPP, EPX, Foamboard or something like that. In my case I collect materials from the leftovers of boxes of household appliances, especially EPP. We can't shop online either, so we only have gifts from friends abroad. But the desire to do and fly is enough to start new projects.
Components are the most complex part because they cannot be easily made at home.

I would like to become a model builder as well as those who have all the resources. But I can't really move forward as long as I don't have the necessary components. Right now I only have my Cessna 182 and an EFX Racer both scratchbuild. (My scratchbuild EFX Racer in the flite test articles section), and many, many desires to continue building, but I don't have what it takes to fly the new models.

At the moment I have a TX-RX, an ESC, two motors, 7 servos and only 2 batteries installed in my two models. I would be very grateful if someone could at least help me. What I need are those parts that you don't use. Some 9g servos, some use engines, ESC... etc.

Thank you very much in advance.
You don't have parts? or Don't have the skills to fly?
Sorry for my english, :censored:. I do not have parts enough. All my electronic is placed in my models, so due i only have, for exapmple, only one ESC, if i burn it... i will be done. :cry:.
The same problem with servos, I must be moving them continuously from one model to another. At the end I will end up breaking them.


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I wrote Carlos and got his address. It appears it shouldn't be too difficult to ship him stuff thru the U.S. Post office. I will confirm that tomorrow. Lets all pitch in and send a fellow modeler some supplies. Just a few little items will mean a lot to him and advance his modeling in ways we mostly take for granted.:)


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I would like to publicly thank my friend Mike (winglet). Although we don't know each other personally, I have come to appreciate that he is a great person. I feel blessed to have found this wonderful community and very special people in it.

Thanks to Mike, today I have in my hands a lot of pieces to continue doing what we love so much. s a proof that distances don't matter to make excellent friends. Let's make that together, this hobby continues to reach everyone.

Thanks Mike for your unconditional help. I will always be grateful. Thank you very much.
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