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Help! i need help to see if this is good or not


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i need some help for this to see if this might fly or not but it might work i just need some suggestions.(also i know the photo is really blurry sorry)
Is that where you are planning to mount the wing?
If so you will have a tail heavy plane and it will be unflyable.
Rule of thumb is that a plane with conventional layout like yours should balance between 25 to 33 % of the chord of the wing from the leading edge.

luke k

Active member
rudder is fine like its three inches of control surface but yeah i think i will have to scale up the elevator a bit( also i am just drawing the pieces as i go on the foam board)


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You will need some weight infront of the wing. you want the plane to balance at about 25% of the wing cord.
The tail look a bit too small.


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The nose will add side area. Remember that any fuselage side area in front of the wing requires nearly 3 times the area (or distance) behind to counter it. It not just the rudder but the combination of the fixed fin and rudder than matters. Keep the nose as short as possible yet consistent to obtaining the correct balance point.
Is it just a glider or will it have a motor on the front?
For adequate stability and control with that big wing both the tail plane and elevator need to be considerably larger, at least twice the size.
Too much tail area might reduce the glide performance just a bit but too little area and it will be hard, or even impossible, to control.

Proportions something like this home built electric powered glider?

luke k

Active member
yeah i dont know yet if i will have a motor o the front yet but i think so for just flying around and i will take it off for slope soaring.