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Help! I need help whit my Bixler 3

I've ricently bougth Bixler 3 as my first plane and it flew great. Only dificultie for me is landing, because this plane glides forever. Also whan I landed ESC was warm and I didn't even go above half trothel. Is that normal? Thanks for help.


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Yes, ESC’s get hot. If it’s too hot to touch comfortably then there’s a problem, usually the prop is too big.
The factory set up should all be fine, just be aware if you start modding it.


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A little warm is ok , hot no good. Make sure you have good airflow to the esc to help keep it cool. Now depending on the specifics, motor, prop, battery and esc combination will give some direction . For example you could put on a smaller prop with less pitch to it so the motor isn't drawing as many amps but then do you have enough thrust? You could up the size of the esc and keep the rest the same.


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The heat is probably from the on-board BEC. (battery eliminator circuit) The BEC is taking your 12volts from the battery and stepping it down to 5 volts to run your system. Typical on-board BECs step down the voltage by shedding the extra wattage as heat. You do not even have to run your motor at all and the ESC will get warm.

As a general rule, I always check my motor and ESC after a flight for extreme heat. Warm to mildly hot is ok. If you can not keep your hand on it for a few seconds I would start to worry.