I think I bricked my CC3D Controller - Help


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I just finished a very careful build of a new QuadLug Box Copter. Everything went perfect right down to pairing the controller. Last step was to upgrade the software and make the adjustments. I downloaded Libre Pilot 16.01 on my windows XP computer. I connected the CC3D Controller to a USB cable and connected that to my computer. It connected perfectly. I had one green Tx light and a few green Rx lights with a yellow and a red one I believe. I was following "Danny's" video on how to do this. I start the set up wizard and I get to software upgrade and start that process and all appears normal but it got stuck on "booting and erasing, please wait". Then this timed out and red text appears to manually use the "uploader plug-in" which I did. This process seemed to go as usual and finished with a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in the middle and that is never good. But all my "status" lights at the bottom of the page went out except one Tx green light. If I tried to do any of these processes again I get a message to connect the board or "board not connected" and nothing happens. I now fear I have "bricked" this CC3D controller. The green and blue lights still come on and flash but but it won't "connect" and of course the copter doesn't do anything as I never finished the process. Any idea's or is the board finished.

I so appreciate your help.