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I want free items for RC


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my name is Yedidya
Im only 14 year old and I leve in Israel
I sow this show on youtub and it got me intersted in rc planes
I built like 3 different models in a week but I dont have the mony to by motors, servos, esc, transmitter and all the other staff
I cant aford those staff becous Im only 14 and I dont have mony and becouse shipping to Israel cost more mony
so I did get a ct6b flysky transmitter but it pritty mach ended my mony
so Im asking you guys to send me the basics just to make me start(maby some motors, escs, servos and batterys wires props and pritty much every thing I need) pleas
and if you can post more videos about wiring and settings
I will be more then glad if you will help me and I promes that if I will socssfuly fly a plane I will film it and I will post it so you can see
(Im sory if my Engliish isnt so well I still need to impruv it)

Brian fred carr

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Hi Yedida
you can start with rubber powered models and save you pennies and slowly you will get there,,,there are not many modelers who will give there gear away as we can all use the stuff again and again until we bust it....also the giver also has to pay the postage and this will the incur cost and we don't like cost....I wish you all success in your endeavors ....keep flying


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Welcome to the forum Yedidya.
Your situation is not out of the ordinary for a person of your age.
I will give you one for having the קאַהונאַס to post your request.
I can only offer the same advise, to work and save. It will be way more rewarding to you.


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If I anderstud you corect but correct me if Im worng
so I build (I think it will be medium speed) hight wing, with motor location like the biksler, 500g-1000g wight
(that was my last one)


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The best thing you can do is to get a plane together and start flying. Is there a club anywhere near you? Once you are flying your plane you will likely find other people to fly with. Keep active on the forums and look for good deals especially locally to maximize your limited budget. If you are scratch building, try to build similar size planes so that you can swap components after crashes or if you get bored with a plane. One of my favorite planes was sitting in front of a guys truck one morning with a sign that said "free" on it.
It took some work to get it fixed but like I said, it's now one of my favorite planes :)


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Yediya, I've been 14 too with almost no money, but when hobby stuff cost at least ten times as much as now, so I know how frustrating it can be. Postage is usually what hurts nowadays, so here's three tips (that you've perhaps figured out yourself =):

1. Look for like-minded generous people in your close vicinity. Maybe they'll donate something if you ask kindly?
2. I guess postage within Israel is not that expensive? Posted donations are more plausible then.
3. Should you find a few RC interested friends close by, do a combined order from HK or similar to save on postage (and any eventual customs fees).

Good luck!


More combat please...
One of your countrymen just posted a nice f-22 vid.
My guess is that there are most likely people that fly in your area.
Sometimes they may have stuff they are willing to get rid of.
I have three planes that the original owners got tired of fixing and just gave to me and my boys.
Of course we have also done the same for them...
Whether or not they choose to give you free stuff, it's good to have people to fly with and share information.
I am in the same hard spot as with yedidya I am 14 live and Kansas and I don't have much money and I could use some help my dad use to do this with my grandpa and him by him self but he soon stopped and sold all his stuff before I got a chance to see any of them and now he doesn't do rc any more

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