Help! iFlight Protek35 motors over reacting to radio input.


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I recently bought my first FPV drone! An iFlight Protek35 with a DJI Air Unit and a TBS Crossfire Nano RX. I've linked the quad to my TBS Tango II but whenever I give it any throttle the motors a) don't gain power uniformly and b) totally overpower the motors to the point where they sometimes don't lose any power until I have to disarm the quad. The motors all work uniformly when I power them through Betaflight but as soon as I try to power them through my radio this problem arises. I have updated the flight boards firmware and calibrated my TBS Tango II's sticks plenty of times (they work fine in the 'Receiver' part of Betaflight) but I just can't seem to find a fix to this problem. I've tried to set up RPM filters in Betaflight but I can't seem to connect my ESC's through BLHeliSuite (which seems to be an important step to the process according to Joshua Bardwell), is this because the Protek35 motors aren't supported by it or is there a work around? I wondered if the issue could be that the vibrations from the propellers were causing an 'auto level' function to bug out so I deleted the angle mode from Betaflight but whenever I pick up the quad with the motors armed they still whizz around dependant on the angle of the quad as if it's trying to auto level itself. Could this be my issue? and if so is there a way to disable this feature entirely?

Here is a video explaining my problem with an example of the issue:

Any help would be insanely appreciated, this problem has been driving me crazy all day.
Thank you!