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Ikarus ECO8


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1st post in the heli section...

Ikarus ECO8, a long story.

I've bought my ECO8 in the year 2002:
After some hopping around,a few fails and a lot of repair work I decided to save my money and placed the ECO in a corner...


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... a few year after that (october 2010) I wanted something different to the planes I used to fly.
So the ECO8 has been dusted:

100_2821.jpg 100_2824.jpg 100_2825.jpg

With some exercises on the SIM and on the field it turned out that the heli flies very stable...


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...now the time has come to improve a little:

100_6080.jpg 100_6082.jpg

With the gyro and the completely new adjusted main head it was even more stable and easy to fly.

But still brushed (which is not causing any problems) and 35mHz - and this has caused some probs...

100_6085.jpg 100_6086.jpg


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...time to rebuild

As I found out the ECO8 is fun flying (without the technical problems) I wanted to do something new with the mechanics:

100_6083.jpg 100_6087.jpg 100_6091.jpg 100_6093.jpg 100_6099.jpg


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...on the field

Attached the ECO with new hardware: brushless, 3s 5000mAh, FrSky 2,4gHz

IMAG0007a.jpg IMAG0010a.jpg IMAG0011a.jpg IMAG0015a.jpg IMAG0018a.jpg

...no failes or crashes till now, so the training gear has been removed in the meantime (and yes, it looks better without).