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I'm bored, what do I build? solved!

Since coming home from Flite Fest Ohio I have been building a huge array of planes to see what I enjoy flying the most. Right now I have two giant motors with nothing to put it on. I would like the build to be relatively simple but still look nice. I though about hot-wire cutting a 7ft wingspan P-40 but 'm not sure. Anybody have any suggestion for an easy big build?


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after all that flying and building What's your style then, or... what have you built?
Slow, Fast, tricksy, WWi, WWIi, Aisan war era? (vietnam, N. korea, Gulf) Do you like acrobatic, scale, wings

Scale up the Burgess Dunne flying wing! make 200%. it was the Candian Airforces 1st plane.


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If you are really board I have a few Gassers and some Nitros that need some going thru and set up could keep you busy for a few weeks I believe. A couple of 120 inch Cubs, 3 60-89 inch Biplanes, couple of 3D planes, a few Pattern planes and just some fun fly ones..
Yawn... make it a P-61 Black widow. (update the cockpit area). at lease have fun with it somehow. Based on what I've seen you can do it.
The debate was actually between the p-61 and the bronco. Both are cool planes and very boxy (easy to build). I'm going to make it out of reinforced white Styrofoam to have an insane thrust to weight ratio. So far I have built a giant glider (8ft wingspan), a small high performance glider, the ft cruiser with some big motors for some stable low passes, and walmart styrofoam glider attached to an estes rocket. Plus a BUNCH of flying of some warbirds, stol planes, and biplanes.
How about a replica of Matt Younkin's Twin Beech 18?

Aerobatic, fancy colors, and if you are using styro, it can be fixed easily!

Or even just make two planes and dogfight with streamers =D
Thanks for the suggestions! I actually just finished two big builds over the weekend. One is a giant super stol simple cub and I just finished a giant explorer looking plane with a 16inch prop! I did however just completely destroy the giant explorer by not tying down my servo wire extensions. They fell back through the canopy, caught on the motor, and ripped the motor from its housing. The motor then fell onto the boom of the plane and chopped it half leaving the two sections to fall the earth and destroy both of my 5000mah 3s batteries. I would be more upset in other conditions but I have been meaning to replace those batteries and the plane took no time at all the build. The giant explorer was a test to see if it could be used as a long range platform and it certainly can! I was flying at half throttle on 3s which means that on a giant 6s battery I can fly at quarter throttle with a giant battery!


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How about a big, basic, KFM Delta? I've seen variations of this one all over, the SSD"super simple delta"

That was posted on the forums here a while back.

You could also build a very big version of @Hai-Lee's KFM wing, or something along those lines of a traditional flying wing. You could scale up one of FT's flying wings, but I would personally go for the KFM.