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I'm going to bed, here's where I left off.

Origin 300i, all geometry is there including two formers, all that needs to be done is to arrange it onto 20x30 sheets of DTFB and lots and lots of cleanup and visual formatting. @Grifflyer is it too much to ask you to do your wonderful formatting? PDF file is on 2mx2m sheets and pretty much the worst packing algorithm was used. Oh well.


Scalable Vector Graphic, it’s the standard for line drawings and other vector drawings. It’s extremely precise, and it opens in most web browsers, and can be edited by almost all vector editing tools. Do you want a PDF? I can go export that right now if you want.
Just did a little test of these plans in RealFlight 9, got some interesting results. It's slow and lumbering, especially compared to the smaller version. 1400mm is pretty big.