In Need Of Your Opinion On These Receivers


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Most of these planes have limited cf in them , now with the more popular 3D printing which is in more of the builds I think I have run into a few issues where the plastic is disrupting the signal. I am one of the 3D printer dudes :D:D
I think with the more punishment you put the rx's through it seems to affect them such as crashes or combat wars and things start to fail.

LOL most definitely. You take a shot to the head, you don't hear too well after, now, do ya? LOL

As for plastic disrupting the signal, that would be very rare, and would likely depend on what is being used for it. PETG, maybe; I can see that. But PLA, ABS, and nylon shouldn't, considering how much that has been used over the last 30 years for RC cars...Then again, most of that was using 72 mhz, so...