Indoor 3D plane for me to crash


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I've now done 3 indoor sessions and it's about time for me to dip my toe into some 3D slowly.
Got the motor, already have the servos, receiver, ESC so just need the model and a few batteries.
It was a bargain do if I break it a bit (a lot) I won't be crying :)
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Have very glued up fingers from installing carbon strips....lots and lots of it to make the thin, floppy EPP airworthy ;)


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Complete apart from motor (in post as the one I had was the wrong KV), ESC, receiver, battery and wheels. The wheel attachment is horrible, so I will 3D print my own bits.
Will be a 2208 1400KV motor with a 500mAh 3S pushing an 8x4E motor.
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Can't say I enjoyed the build, the 5mm EPP foam is like building with wet cardboard, only lighter!
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Look great in the photos.

I have built 6 of the 5mm EPP 3D planes the lighter you can build them the better they will fly. I have never put landing gear on any of them just to save the weight even thou the landing gear is all carbon, just another thing to break. First thing I learned on the EPP planes is never use a glue that dries hard, as the joint cannot flex some and breaks apart very easily or tears the EPP. The glue I like the best is Beacon Fabric-Tac very flexible and will not let go..

Good luck on your first flights be sure and keep your throws down until you get a few batteries thru it and give us a report on how it flies.