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Indoors Flying Planes

Once again, the crew of flite test has outdone themself with the "Piggyback" video. Hear in Western New York, now is the time we begin to get the indoor flying planes ready. A suggestion for a future shoot might be for indoor flying. A while ago Parkzone came out with the "Mini Vapor" which can be flown in a small room or a school gym. At this the Parkzone Mini Vapor BNF is at a low suggested price. The Mini Vapor would also be a nice plane to review that would not cost much either.



Hostage Taker of Quads
I think the minivapor is so inexpensive because it's being discontiunued. Seen stacks of them on shelves everywhere, but don't think they sold many.

Never flown one, but love it's bigger brother in a 20x20x8' finished garage. Can fly a clean figure-8 in the space and literally bounces off the walls w/o damage.

What might be *really* interesting is a scratch build using the mini-vapor/vapor/champ guts! (props and gearbox is slightly diffrent, but otherwise parts are very similar). I've seen a few designs and curious to the direction the guys would take.