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Help! Information sponges looking for more resources?


Elite member
So, I'm in this odd place mentally. The projects I have are not particularly interesting to me right now but I keep plugging away at them and I don't feel like starting anything new. I've watched every FliteTest video over the years except maybe the master series build videos.

I believe that it is mostly by engaging with people who have more experience than you that you can advance in anything. When starting out everone has more expertise that you do. Even before I started I devoured every bit of information I could get my hands on. But now I am starving for new information. Almost everything I come across is either written by someone earlier in their learning, or is information I already have. And, while I do believe you can learn something from everyone, I am looking for that next expert I can glean knowledge from.

So, does anyone have suggestions for new websites, blogs, YouTube channels, newsletters, archives, teaching tools, calculators, etc that are great resources for advancing a building, repairing, and flying repertoire?

If you are looking for new sources of your own, some of the article archives I have bookmarked for myself are Easy Built Models, Airfield Models, Charles River RC, and RC Scale Builder.

RC Channels I subscribe to include Peter Sripol, Project Air, Tom Stanton, and Nighthawk Gliders.
Full scale aviation channels I follow include Mike Patey, FlightChops, IansLife, Alex Di Sessa, The Rhythm of Flight, and Fantasy of Flight.