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Interesting History of Mine and RC Flight

I thought I'd post my story in hopes that it would spark others to grace us with their history in RC.

In late 1975, as a toddler, began to explore my grandfathers basement shop. The feel of balsa dust, smell of dope and thinner and playing with scraps of tissue began the seed implantation of RC for me. In 1980 we began to build my first plane, a 60" .25 size World Model Stratos. In 1982 we completed that model and my adventures began. Although proportional radios had been on the scene for a while, my grandfather believed that you should advance through the ranks so my first flight was on a Tone Monitor AM with a Kraft station nicknamed "the whip". Flip the .25 Blue Bird and one push of the button for up, one more to center and two clicks for down, same thing on the right button to turn. Once I proved I was able to return the aircraft in one piece I received my first two stick transmitter, a CE Pattern Master. Mode 4, that was the way to fly and that is what I was taught. Throttle and ailerons on the left stick, rudder and elevator on the right. The rest is history as they say and I've been in the air every since.

Now, for a little history on my Grandfather. There are some really cool name that has crossed his path and some very cool gentlemen that I have had the privilege of meeting. In 1965 my grandfather, Fred Chastain, joined forces with Jim Williams and Neil Kilby to create Champions of Chamblee, later know as Champion Electronics. They were a slot car company that began to dabble in the RC transmitter business. There was a very fine racer that the guys befriended Phil Kraft, Kraft Radios. The push for reliable proportional equipment was on and in 1968 they released a more stable transmitter and made history. Along the way, my grandfather hired a gentleman by the name of Bob Rule. He was a whiz with electronics as well as the YoYo. He later left the company as well as my grandfather and the RC oval car and legend company BoLink was created. My grandfather died last year and I'd like to think that he had a hand in developing this hobby of ours or at least leaving a footprint along the way. He, along with the others were entered in to the RC Hall of Fame in 2009.



Thanks for sharing your story. Glad you have continued in the family tradition. While I personally have not ordered from you, I have heard nothing but positive things about your service. Knowing your story will make me look to you the next time I need to place an order!


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
I love rc history stories. It's amazing how far we've come so recently, but how far back the hobby of RC flight actually extends.