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Is it possible to ship batteries Internationally?

Hello there! I am DhruvS and I am looking to buy the FT Simple Storch Kit with the power pack and battery. I live in India, is it possible to get the batteries shipped there?


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Most air carriers outside China will not take lipo. I would buy your battery from Hobbyking (international warehouse) or Banggood, both those are China based and can ship Lipo. Check very carefully that they do ship to your country before buying.
The power pack will be fine by post but Hobbyking have the components for less. There’s no magic in the FT packs, just fairly good quality components.


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Lipos cant be shipped by air freight. Pressure and temperatures in non environmentally controlled aircraft tend to make them get angry.

Any lipos are shipped by water and land. Sourcing them closer to home makes it less likely they will be effected in a bad way.
I really have no idea about this stuff.. I have never used a rc plane before. My first plane was going to be the FT Simple Storch. About the power pack, FDS can you send the links to all the electronics from Hobbyking? I really have no idea what to search for.


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It will take me a while, when searching hobby king use google, so if I read the power pack spec and it said 4x9g Servo I would google “Hobbyking 9g servo” as the sites own search engine is awful.
Also you should never forget your own hobby stores. I don’t know where you are in India but RC Hyderabad looked pretty comprehensive.
When sourcing power pack alternatives just read through the list of parts on the FT store, then find the same ones on your preferred alternative. A fixed wing 30A esc with BEC is not vastly different between countries/stores. The only hard part is motors as not everyone measures those the same.


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Hyderabad RC list
4 Servos Like these
One Y lead
Pack of Servo extensions
ESC- 30A emax or a Skywalker which they may do in 30A. Will double check the motor spec.
Cheap 1100kv motor, I have flown my simple Scout on these, flies fine and will be heavier than the Storch as it’s UK board, which weighs more.
Two 10x6 SLOWFLY type props, these are out of stock but easy to find, make sure they have adaptors included to fit motor shafts.
Larger battery. A bit heavy but Indian stock.
Charger, same as the Hobbyking one.
They don’t seem to have linkage stoppers, which you use on the aileron servos to adjust the length so they sit dead level when centred, they can be got easily elsewhere. You want 1.3mm holes and smallest possible (M2) threads.
They do sell Flite Test kits, including the Tiny Trainer which I think is better than the Storch for learning. That would want a smaller 2300kv motor, 20A esc and two 3.7g servos on the wing, otherwise the same.
You will need bullet connectors and battery connector of your choice too.

Hobbyking list
30A esc
Y lead
Servo extensions
Battery, note any 3s 1800-2200 30c will work.
XT60 connectors , for the ESCs.
Linkage stoppers, out of stock but that’s the size for FT pushrods. You can do without them if you are good at modified Z bends.
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