is this an ok fix for a controll horn very important


still learning acro
i broke my controll horn and decided to put hot glue on the back not sure if its a ok fix and if it will hold up need opinions. i bought some new black ones but there to low and dont rlly work for the plane sorry about image quality btw its dark rn so camera isent very good thanks bye


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Not something I would recommend!

When using either a "Z" bend or a clevis and you do not want to replace the control horn you could use the wire from a twist tie and drill a small hole close to the base of the control horn. Fit the twist tie wire through the hole as wrap one end around the end of the pushrod/clevis a few turns. Then pull the wire to remove any slack and then wrap the loose end around the pushrod/clevis a few turns also.

Trim the loose ends and now the pushrod cannot pull out unless the whole control horn rips in half.

If you are using linkage stoppers I would use a small piece of a coke can which is folded to fit over the broken end of the control horn. Drill a hole straight through the AL piece in line with the hole in the control horn. Fit the linkage stopper through the AL piece when fitted over the control horn and then drill another hole through the Al and Control horn closer to the edge opposite the linkage stopper. Apply a drop of CA and again using the wire from a twist tie secure the AL piece to the control horn and CA to secure.

Have fun!
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If you have enough room I would take another piece of control horn to fit over this one and use small nut and bolt to put the two together that is how it is done on 3D planes to give enough throw.